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Nova Miningverse

We are changing GameFi and outdated token reward models through Bitcoin Mining. We are gamifying Bitcoin Mining for the first time ever. Classic Play-to-earn models are inherently flawed and lead to either inflation or significant loss of value in the long-term.
Play-2-earn is still one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency industry. We have seen many developers from the original industry come to the Blockchain ecosystem as it seems to be much more user-friendly. Additionally, the crypto market also offers an easy way to raise funds, which is not always a good thing as it can lead to low-quality projects.
One of the main issues with reward tokens is the high inflation created by them. Nova Miningverse is not an inflationary token as it has a limited supply, but additionally, it’s also backed by real Bitcoin mining. This is an innovative feature that allows us to increase the stability of NMV tokens through the use of Bitcoin mining, collateralizing the in-game economy.
The Miningverse rewards players with real Bitcoin mined at our facilities, reducing the selling pressure of the NMV token and allowing users to earn rewards in the most stable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.
By introducing the Play-to-Mine concept, we are able to create a 'dual-token' economy where the secondary (reward) token doesn't fall due to selling pressure.
Last modified 1yr ago