Nova Miningverse offers a wide variety of gameplay options suited for every kind of player. The first option allows users to stake NMV and earn rewards without having to actively play. The downside is lower rewards. However, users can purchase different artifacts that can increase their APR.
The second option is for gamers that want to actively participate in the Nova Miningverse. Mining Guardians are companions that will help users in the mines and the arena. Users can purchase eggs to hatch a random guardian or directly buy one from the in-house NFT Marketplace.
Mining Guardians can be used to battle other players in the arena for a previously agreed amount of rewards, participate in weekly tournaments or as helpers in the mines.
The mines are for hardcore players that want to earn more rewards. The difficulty level here is high but so are the rewards. The mines combine roguelite gameplay with play to earn to create the ultimate challenge for players.
Everyone starts with the same character and the same stats but as the character levels up and obtains more gold, players will be able to choose from a huge skill tree to build their character however they want.
One of the main challenges in the mines are bosses who will often inflict ‘true damage’ to characters, meaning that no amount of resistance will be able to stop them forcing the players to dodge or block using skills. Additionally, higher level bosses will even inflict percentage health damage, for example 15% of the character HP in one hit, which again forces players to rely on their skills.
Quests in the game are specially designed to be interactive and not simply boring tasks. Most games will force players to complete repetitive quests without any depth. We believe that players should have the option to choose which quests they want to complete. We have also crafted entertaining, skillful, and rewarding missions for players.
The NOVA Miningverse will allow users to play PvE, PvP and interact with other players in the Metaverse. Thanks to innovative game functions, players will be able to earn rewards thanks to their skill level.
Inside the caves, players will be able to find several currencies like Gold, different stones, and Nova tokens. Players can earn gold by breaking objects, defeating enemies, or selling weapons.
There is an unlockable NPC that can be obtained using Nova tokens which allows the players to exchange their gold for Nova at a variable rate. Players can always exchange Nova for gold inside the game. This NPC remains unlocked forever.
Gold can be used to buy items like weapons and armor, special artifacts, and other useful objects. Gold is also needed to upgrade certain skill tree points. Once the player enters the caves, they only get 1 life. If a player dies or successfully defeats all the bosses, it will be teleported to the beginning menu where he/she can spend all the gold. Before each run into the caves, players will lose all the previously obtained gold.