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There will be some elements that allow users to buy in-game functions/tools. In next phases, they will be used to even mint NFTs.
These resources may be bought in the Markeplace with NMV.
Resources can also be bought in the Marketplace from other users or in case of shortage directly from the central warehouse.
Primary resources such clay and stones can be used for decoration purposes. These resources will be distributed from layer one, Lithosphere.
Secondary resources can be found deeper in the ground.The deeper you go, the more often you can find these resources that appear from the mesosphere (3rd layer) core.
Extracting iron fragments and rocks will allow you to upgrade your expedition equipment, mining equipment or mining facilities to get more resources within Nova mininverse.
Premium resources: Gems, Magnetics are the most valuable resources in the Nova miningverse. These resources can be used to create NFTs, increase the APYs, reduce the fees, etc.