Wild West Mining (PVP)

The Miningverse has been dominated by Nova Corp and its citizens have been dying from hunger and fights. The members of the council of Nova decided to create a PVP tournament where people can fight each other to gain the precious Nova crystal.
Some of the most infamous members of the planet, failed mutant experiments and even poor people looking to survive participate in the regular tournament.
These tournaments will be held weekly and players need to own a Guardian in order to participate.
Players can purchase Guardians directly on the Nova Miningverse website or through lootboxes, both can be bought with Nova tokens.
To enter the tournaments, players will need to buy the tickets using Nova coins. However, the prizes will be in Bitcoin, mined at our own facilities. This gives a lot of utility to the Nova tokens as they are needed to participate in the tournaments, but they are not a part of the reward. This increases demand but doesn't increase its selling pressure.