Bitcoin Dual-Token Economy

The Miningverse is introducing a new concept called Play-to-Mine where players can earn rewards in Bitcoin by participating in tournaments or competing on different leaderboards. We are introducing a new dual-token economy where the secondary token doesn't lack stability and will not fall due to selling pressure.
By allowing players to get rewards in Bitcoin, which is mined at our facilities, we eliminate the risk of the secondary token losing all its value. Nova creates demand for the NMV token while reducing selling pressure by incentivizing players to spend and rewarding them with Bitcoin.
Users will need the NMV token for minting NFTs, which are essential in the Miningverse. The Nova token will also be the only currency accepted to participate in the weekly Bitcoin Tournaments, heavily increasing its demand while creating little selling pressure as most of the rewards come from the Bitcoin mined.
Our Bitcoin Mining facilities are currently located in Georgia and we expect to have up to 50Mw of power in the next 3 years. Bitcoin mined is used to reward players, while fees collected from our multiple revenue sources will be used to re-invest in mining, burns and liquidity.