Locked Tokens Model

To further relieve selling pressure from the Nova token, we have created a new reward model where Locked Tokens (LT) can be used in-game to buy weapons and other equipment as well as upgrades. The biggest issue with normal crypto games is the significant selling pressure the reward token faces. One of our biggest improvements on this issue is allowing players to spend their locked tokens in-game incentivizing them to spend instead of selling them after they unlock.
There are 2 types of locked tokens:
  • Locked Tokens with vesting that will be unlocked after a certain period of time, for instance, 30-days. You can buy equipment in-game with these tokens, but it will be also locked for the same time period before it unlocks to allow users to trade it in the marketplace.
  • Permanently Locked Tokens that are locked forever and obtained from burning NMV or through Staking. PLT allows users to buy in-game weapons, accessories, and other items, but they will be locked forever, meaning, players cannot exchange them in the marketplace.
All the weapons, accessories, armor, skins and other elements purchasable through permanently locked tokens will also be locked, which means non-tradeable to others but wearable on different characters on the same account.
Additionally, players are able to burn NMV tokens to obtain extra Permanently Locked Tokens in-game in the Furnace. With enough materials, players can burn NMV for extra PLT which can be used immediately. This feature is especially useful for avid players that want to obtain better equipment faster.
The NMV used in the Furnance can be purchased from anywhere, however, the materials needed can only be found in-game.
This erases the risk of market manipulation of NFTs in the Miningverse. Users will also be able to acquire extra locked tokens by burning NMV tokens obtained in the Bank (Staking). Click here for more Information. Essentially, users can renounce to tokens earned