Revenue Sources

A key factor for any project to succeed is to have enough revenue sources to offset short-term losses that can be caused by the volatility of the crypto market. However, most projects are not doing this and solely depend on the price action of their token/coin.
At Nova, we understand this critical aspect and have created several revenue sources that will ensure the longevity of the project. With our novel dual-token economy backed by Bitcoin, we are able to significantly reduce the risk of massive selling pressure on NMV. On top of that, at our Bitcoin Mining facilities, we also offer hosting services, which is yet another revenue source.
Below there is a list of all our revenue sources and the usage of the funds obtained:
  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Hosting Services
  • Fees from the NFT Marketplace
  • Fees from the DEX
  • Fees obtained from purchases of NFTs, Lootboxes, and in-game upgrades.
  • NMV obtained from Tournament Tickets
  • Sponsorships
We have used real figures from popular games like Axie Infinity to determine the number of users that can be achieved within the first year. The figures were divided by 10 to ensure a much more conservative approach which means the Miningverse could see about 100,000 users by the end of the first year.
Using these conservative estimations, we can also measure the potential number of users that will participate in tournaments and the NMV spent:
This gaming revenue forecast just considers one source of income. Check out the full disclosure of potential sources of income in the whole ecosystem.