Collateralized Economy

The Nova Miningverse consists of several crucial parts that keep it together and sustainable. The NOVA Miningverse project is supported by real mining power. This allows the NMV ecosystem to grow in a self-sustained way.
The ecosystem consists of the main game, the mining guardians game, the simple staking platform and, in the future, the miningverse.


There will be two main ways of revenue generation: mining and fees within the game ecosystem. The economic system within the miningverse will follow a growth plan designed to achieve self-sustainability.
Part of the fees collected in the game will be fully invested in the ecosystem creating sustainable and stable revenue streams to grow the game at par with the increase of users.
A large part of the Bitcoin mined will be used to further develop the game. It will also enable users to directly exchange NMV tokens for Bitcoin at a fixed rate, keeping Nova stable.
The Play to Earn ecosystem is still extremely new and developers, creators, players, and investors are still figuring out what it truly means. The main concern for any Play to Earn game is the inherent inflation that is produced, leading to an extreme devaluation of the project, something certainly not great for investors.
Most play to earn tokens graphs look like this after a while:
The trend is quite clear even though many projects have tried to solve this issue. For example, many games are using a dual-token economy where one token is used for governance and the second for rewards. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the underlying problem as the reward token will still depreciate significantly. If the downtrend slows down and remains more or less sideways, the rewards can still be worth it for players as the market capitalization will still increase thanks to inflation. Obviously, this isn’t a long-term solution.
One of the main improvements that the Nova Miningverse is introducing, is the ability to exchange reward tokens for Bitcoin, mined at our facilities. This creates additional value based on real hashrate.
Although play-to-earn games have only just started, games had virtual economies well before even crypto existed. Popular games like EVE online managed to create a massive economy that has been studied by economists for years. More recently mobile games that allow players to pay for premium currencies have become extremely popular. One of the downsides of these type of games is that it doesn’t really allow players to earn anything. However, they have managed to convince users to spend money.
Play-to-earn games are the next evolution, but most projects are focusing on the wrong aspects of this genre. The most important part of any game is still the gameplay itself, not the fancy graphics or the cool skins. Unfortunately, it seems that crypto games haven’t been focusing on the gameplay but rather the graphics.
With Nova, we are actively trying to solve the sustainability problem by creating a limited supply of tokens backed by real Bitcoin mining.