A Mining and ecosystem booster is a Contingency system is designed to accelerate, stabilize or compensate for uneven growth between the mining farm and the number of users of the game.
Practical uses for the booster:

Case 1:

The game receives so many users that the level of development cannot support the game designed at that moment.
To solve this problem, the growth of the mining facilities will be suspended in order to power and boost the rewards in-game as well as updates and new content.

Case 2:

The price of Bitcoin rises more than predicted but the number of users playing the game does not.
Mining growth will be temporarily paused to increase incentives to attract new users/players.

Case 3:

Profits from in-game fees are much bigger than bitcoin mining.
The percentage allocated to the growth of the mining facilities will be temporarily increased in order to produce the necessary profit through cryptocurrency mining to enhance sustainable growth to reward users in the future.

Case 4:

Profits from Bitcoin mining and in-game fees are low due to a downtrend (bear market) scenario
Both the Liquidity Fund and the Development NMV tokens will be used to boost mining facilities for the purpose of rewarding the users/players.