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Maturity Phase

Once the growth phase is over, the maturity phase begins. All the profits from one part are supposed to stimulate the other to achieve a maturity balance. In other words, ecosystem collection profit will be used for the mining facilities and mining facilities profit is going to be used for the environment ecosystem. This stage, in conventional businesses, is characterized by a moderate growth in sales, and even their stabilization. To combat this usual companies behavior, mining profits will be used to increase rewards and for game development. Offering additional interest that attracts new users and offers better gameplay to existing users and players. The goal in this phase is to grow to the point where users and players meet their needs. At this stage, a high number of users and a high interaction with the game implies a productive growth of the mining facilities that allows generating more revenue and a sustainable reward system without devaluing the token.
During this phase the profit from the in-game ecosystem will be distributed as follows:
  • Growth: To increase the mining equipment and renovate the old equipment to increase the efficiency of the mining farm.
  • Development: Strategically used to increase the efficiency of mining facilities.