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Growth Phase

Sustainability is based on the growth model of the owned mining facilities. Finite rewards pools are created for the appeal of users to contribute to the scalability and growth of the project until the maturity of the renewable mining facilities is reached. This optimization system is designed to mine and grow as much as possible until the middle of the next Bitcoin halving in approximately 4.5 years. Once this milestone is reached, Bitcoin and the rest of the mined cryptocurrencies will be used to offer in-game rewards, token buybacks, etc. In short, the results obtained by the mining farms coupled with the finite number of tokens makes Nova the first sustainable P2E game in the long term. This is a necessary measure in the consolidation of the gaming industry that is flourishing thanks to the incorporation of new followers who want to earn money playing video games. This change of system allows the consolidation of a real source of income, which allows the game to evolve and grow with the community of players and users. It also eliminates the need to create another token, making NMV a much more valuable token.
During this phase the profit from our own mining farms will be distributed as follows:
  • In-game boost: After the first year of mining activity a competitive event will be organized in which the rewards will be very attractive, at least the equivalent of 1 Bitcoin.
  • Development: A part of the mining profit will be destined to the optimization of the game.
  • Growth: Most of the mining profit will be used to buy more miners to increase the Bitcoin generated.