Through the NMV token, Nova Miningverse will progressively evolve into a DAO.
This will happen with the release of tokens between players and users with ownership of team members becoming increasingly diluted.
The NMV team will be able to vote with Play to Earn and Staking reward allocations locked. This will prevent hostile actors from disrupting the ecosystem during the crucial early stages of development. We estimate that the NMV team will no longer have the majority vote at the end of the growth phase.

Version 0 TGE

  • No voting possible

Version 1 First half of Grow Stage / Launch of Staking

  • NMV holders can bet their tokens through the betting control panel and participate in governance votes presented by the NMV team.
  • These votes will revolve around what should be prioritized for the growth and smooth functioning of the ecosystem and how the Community's treasury should be distributed.

Version 2 - Grow Stage Final

  • More votes on minor issues of the game.
  • Potentially, the way votes are counted will be changed from 1 vote per token to enabling additional decisions on metaverse to lands owners only.

Version 3 - Maturity Stage / DAO

NVM holders determine which governance framework to use and how much to vote. Some decisions will not be up for discussion, such as token supply, which is defined by Smart Contracts.

Potential things that can be voted on:

  • Investing in improving Gameplay or increasing rewards.
  • Vote on which part of the metaverse needs to be modified, expanded or replaced.
  • Decide on game features.
  • Choose what to do with the share of the game profits.
  • Decide if the management should continue to be managed by the team.