The NMV token will serve as the reward token of the NOVA Miningverse. Most of the supply of Nova will be used for the community in the form of rewards. The team only holds a small percentage of tokens that have a long unlock period to ensure investors our commitment to the project in the long term.
We have constructed several pathways to maintain the stability and sustainability of the project. Bitcoin mining will be one of them, bringing an innovative aspect to Nova and a competitive edge over other play-to-earn games
Users will be able to participate in the governance of the project through the staking of NMV tokens. Staking will be an essential part of the Nova Miningverse. Users will be required to lock their tokens for a certain period of time in order to obtain staking rewards and have the rights to vote in future proposals. Users who choose to lock their LP, or NMV tokens for longer periods of time have access to exclusive NFTs, in-game assets, and other prizes.
The NMV token is not inflationary like most Play-to-earn games. There is a finite number of NMV tokens that are released slowly over a period of 5 years. The goal is to establish a self-sustained ecosystem that doesn’t require an infinite supply of tokens. We believe this can be achieved thanks to the introduction of Bitcoin mining as a secondary revenue source.

Rights attached to the NMV Tokens

The rights attached to the NMV Tokens may be categorized under two main types: rights relating to the utility and usage of the NMV Tokens within the Nova Miningverse game ecosystem (the “Utility Rights”).
The NHM Token is a “utility token” which grants its holders with the following rights:
  • right to obtain improved game performance and appearance
  • right to vote on certain aspects related to the game development
  • right to trade them within the platform marketplace for trading against NFTs
(Collectively referred to as the “Utility Rights”)
The NMV Tokens do not entitle the holder thereof to participate whether directly or indirectly, in the capital of the Company, to vote on decisions affecting the Company, or to receive dividends or interest payments. Accordingly, a NMV Tokenholder shall not be deemed to be the holder of any shares, equity, convertible equity, stock, debt, note, bond, loan, or hybrid instrument in the Company, or an option, right or warrant over such instruments, or any other interest in the capital or management of the Issuer. In addition, a NMV Tokenholder shall not have any right of pre-emption, right of first refusal, right of drag-along or tag-along, or any other preferential treatment rights over any shares, equity, convertible equity, stock, debt, note, bond, loan, or hybrid instrument in the Company. Nothing contained in this crypto-asset white paper shall be construed as conferring on a NMV Tokenholder any right to vote at a meeting of the members of the Company, or to appoint, or nominate, any person to Board of Directors of the Company, and a NMV Tokenholder shall not be entitled to receive notice of, attend at, and vote at meetings of the Company or of its Board of Directors. A NMV Tokenholder is not in a position to exercise any control or influence over the decision-making of the Issuer and any and all decisions of the Issuer shall be taken by the shareholders and Board of Directors of the Issuer, as applicable, whose interests may not differ from, or conflict with, the interests of a NMV Tokenholder. The only rights to which a NMV Tokenholder shall be entitled are the Utility Rights described in this crypto-asset white paper.

Acquiring NMV token

The NMV token may be acquired by the following ways:
  • Buying (NMV Token Sale or on an exchange)
  • Mint & Trading NFTs in Market Place
  • Staking their tokens
  • Airdrops
  • Competitions PvE, PvP and Sandbox mode

Using the NMV token

Most of the uses of the NMV token are here-below listed:
  • Staking
  • Buying mining lands
  • Buying NFTs to improve both performance and appearance
  • Buying tickets for competitions
  • Interact with other players